About the Islamic Center of Bozeman (ICB)
The Islamic Center of Bozeman (ICB) is a nonprofit Islamic organization with the mission to spread the awareness of Islam and serve the Muslim community in the City of Bozeman and the surrounding region in Montana. ICB is considered the first and only official registered Islamic presence in the State of Montana. The most important objectives of the Center are to:
  1. Promote unity and joint action among Muslims,
  2. Establish and maintain a mosque as a place of prayer, Islamic education and a centerpiece of Islamic activities,
  3. Encourage and enable individual Muslims to perform the Islamic rituals and other Islamic activities,
  4. Present Islam to the non-Muslims and promote friendly relationship with non-Muslims by following the Islamic code of standard in its complete form,
  5. Provide and assist the needy as much as resources allow, and
  6. Provide facilities for religious, recreational, and other community activities for Muslims in Bozeman and the surrounding region.
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